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About Me


With over 25 years of experience in helping clients throughout the change process, I have developed a wide array of skills and techniques to support people who are striving to grow. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have a unique lens developed through my years of experience to see you. My passion is focused on helping children, teens, couples and families navigate through some of life’s challenges, big and small. It is during these times, I help them seek to improve communication, establish healthy boundaries and develop deeper relationships. I have always had a heart and a passion for children and families and developed the desire for understanding. I wanted to learn how to develop a strong family in my personal life.  

         After I graduated from college with a Master’s Degree in Social Work  in 1998, I worked in different settings that provided me more experience helping children and families. However, I craved a richer and deeper experience and spent several months living and traveling around Costa Rica to learn about the culture and language. The experience  taught me about myself and the journey within. After returning to the States, I got married and started a family. However, this chapter of life was more of a challenge than my idealistic view of how things “should be.” My marriage failed to offer any connection, and the struggle to conceive children only worsened the emotional pain.

           After successfully having three children through IVF, I began the real hardship of parenting 3 young children.   I was married for 10 years    As I worked through these emotions, I remarried, started life as a blended family and had to recreate my life. As a therapist, I began developing the tools I needed to create a stable and secure family.  I relied on supportive friends, family and worked on my life with a therapist. As a therapist, I utilize both personal and professional experience to help other individuals through challenges and how to recreate their lives. 

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